Grizzly Coolers - Premium Ice Chests Made in The USA
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Grizzly Coolers

Built For a Lifetime And Made In The USA

Grizzly Coolers - Premium Ice Chests Made In The USA

One of our favorite coolers when it comes to USA made, fit, finish and ice retention even in the most exteme conditions. Grizzly coolers are backed by a lifetime warranty so you'll never have to worry about purchasing another cooler unless you need another size or are going to get one for a fmaily member, friend or a loved one. The Grizzly roto-molded coolers have amazing ice retention capabilities and are extremly rugged ready to handle any adventure. Our testing has proven the Grizzly to be one of the best roto-molded coolers on the market aside from the KYSEK and ORION brands.

If your looking for one of the best USA made coolers than the Grizzly cooler is the one for you!   

Some Reasons Why The Grizzly May Be For You...

  • Are you tired of flimsy coolers that fall apart after one season?

  • Tired of poor quality latches and hinges that break easily?

  • Sick of waiting for your cooler to drain when you could be living life?

  • Need a premium cooler built like a brick that your friends will be envious of?

  • Have you been searching for an affordable, high-quality, professional grade cooler other than Yeti or Engel?

Designed with the highest grade components and materials and priced to offer a lifelong value. The Grizzly's are available in multiple colors without additional cost and come with a 2 inch drain hole, they use latches with brass inserts and domestic-sourced hardware. It's hinge is integrated in the body of the cooler unlike cheap coolers you'll find at your local sporting goods store. we won't name names of course. 

The Cool Facts About The Grizzly Cooler - Proudly Made In The USA and Backed by a Lifetime Warranty.

Grizzly Coolers are proudly envisioned, engineered, tooled, tested, perfected, and produced by Grizzly Coolers in Decorah, Iowa, USA, by Iowa Rotocast Plastics, Inc. IRP has extensive knowledge, history, integrity and credibility in the cooling industry with over 30 years of introducing rotationally molded (roto-molded) plastic coolers into the market. All Grizzly Coolers are designed and manufactured to last a lifetime and withstand the abuse of any adventure. We stand by the Grizzly products with a lifetime warranty. Our customer's have had nothing but good things to say about the Grizzly Coolers.

NOTE: Grizzly and other premium cooler brands sold on shopping sites such as Amazon, Ebay, Overstock and many other third party shopping websites may not be backed by a manufacturer warranty so buyer beware.  

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