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Dometic TropiCool Coolers/Warmers

Dometic TropiCool Portable Electric Coolers/Warmers

Keep Contents Cool or Warm

For use just about anywhere, Dometic's TropiCool Portable Coolers conveniently runs on 12 volts power supply or 240 volt main power supply from your RV.  Designed to make your life easier. As soon as the power is on, they cool at full capacity to reach the desired temperature—down to 40°F below ambient temperature. Once this has been achieved, they switch automatically to the power-save mode for constant cooling. At the touch of a button the coolers can be turned into warmer boxes—reaching up to 150°F (65°C)



• Plug into 12V DC or 120V AC outlet in car, truck, boat, RV or home

• Highly effective insulation helps maintain the selected temperature

• LED temperature display

• Detachable lid with magnetic closure

• Sturdy, fold-away handles

• Available in 4 sizes

• Wear-free thermoelectric system and fan


Key Benefits

■ Ideal for RVing, camping, tailgating & boating

■ Use anywhere with AC/DC power

■ Eliminate the use of messy ice

■ 4 sizes to choose from

■ Power-save mode conserves electricity

■ Digitial controls are easy to operate

■ Rugged and reliable

■ 7-stage temperature regulation for heating & cooling

■ AC & DC Power cords included



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