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Engel Coolers

Free Shipping on all Engel Coolers (DeepBlue Models) & Engel 12 Volt Portable Refrigerators and Freezers - Lower 48 States Only!

NOTE: All Engel products that we carry are the newest models available. Our website may not reflect all current images.  

Engel Coolers - DeepBlue Ice Chests

Looking for a cooler better than a Yeti, and almost as good as the Kysek? If so, Engel makes great premium rotomolded ice coolers and also have some of the best 12 Volt portable refrigerators on the market.

Why buy from us and not direct? Well to start, Engel Coolers and Engel 12 Volt Fridge Freezers "Ship Free" of charge from us in the lower 48 States. We're also able to get our customers into another cooler brand all together if they happen to get a defective cooler from any manufacturer and are completely dissatisfied with that particular brand.

The Hard Cold Facts About Engel - Keep Ice Long. Save Money Quick With Engel Coolers. 7 Day Ice Rating. 

Certified Grizzly Bear Resistant Coolers 

Engel has re-tooled their entire line of premium roto-molded coolers and have come out with a host of impressive new improvements to an already proven product. They're alomst as good as the Extreme Cold Series as far as premium rotomolded coolers. In our testing, the Exteme is king, but the Engel is close as far as durability and ice retention.

You may also want to consider chekcing out the DriftSun cooler as an alternative to the 35 quart Engel DeepBlue cooler.   

Engel Warranty Information:

Engel USA DeepBlue Performance Coolers - 3 Year Limited Warranty

Engel USA Cooler/Dry Boxes - 1 Year Limited Warranty

Engel USA Cooler Accessories - 1 Year Limited Warranty

Engel USA Fridge/Freezers - 2 Year Limited Warranty

Engel USA Fridge/Freezer Accessories - 1 Year Limited Warranty

Don't Forget Our Free Shipping Special! 

*Now shipping to Canada - call (716) 990-4588 for pricing information. 

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