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Frigid Rigid Coolers

It's Not Just An Ice Chest...It's a Frigid Rigid!

Certainly one of the best ice chest made! Custom built to order and made in the USA.

All Frigid Rigid products are designed and manufactured with the highest grade materials to ensure that you can keep your contents as cold as can be, and as long as you need in any type of environment mother nature can throw your way. Some of the Frigid Rigid's we carry are even solar compatible making them ideal for long term food storage, or disaster prevention.

"The perfect solution for restaurant, commercial fishing and catering industries!"  

Superior insulation, airtight lids, weatherproof materials, and are tough enough for heavy-duty commercial applications. Keep ice as long as you need is not an issue with the Frigid Rigid's.

Unlike most all our other brands which are premium rotomolded coolers, the Frigid Rigid is the only fiberglass ice chest that we carry and it's also made in the USA. The Frigid Rigid ice chests are built to withstand years of rugged outdoor exposure and are unaffected by sun or salt spray. Many companies have sought to imitate the original Frigid Rigid cooler, however Frigid Rigid remains solidly at the top of the industry in performance, reliability, durability, quality of materials, and also workmanship.

Frigid Rigid has gained the reputation as being "the last ice cooler you'll ever buy" - and it's all substance, no hype.

Bulk discounts available - call (716) 990-4588 for pricing information. 

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