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Frostbite Coolers

A "COOL NEW AND SUPER POPULAR" affordable alternative to the Icey-Tek and Engel cooler brands. 

Now here's a cool cooler we're proud to offer. The FrostBite cooler line of commercial grade rotomolded coolers are truly a bargain buy for the money!

Keep ice frozen longer on your next adventure, or entertain guest like never before. The perfect entry level rotomolded cooler. FrostBite coolers are constructed to perform, just like the rest of the top name brand coolers that we offer. Designed to withstand years of abuse and keep the cool where it belongs, when needed the most. You can count on FrostBite when keeping cold is on the clock! 

Spend less and keep cool with the "COOL NEW" FrostBite coolers. For many adventurers, fisherman, and commercial applications, keeping contents cold is not an option, it's a must. Available in three different sizes.

The solid, stylish, yet rugged one piece construction make the FrostBite coolers one of our new favorites, and is certainly a super cool bargain cooler for the money. We've even had some customers say it's the best cooler out there for the money! Let's see what you think? We love to hear our customers feedback and so do other customers like yourself! Be sure to leave a review when you treat yourself to a cool new FrostBite cooler.


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