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IceMate Coolers

IceMate Coolers - A Must Have For Serious Outdoor Enthusiast That Care About Quality!

The legendary Icemate Coolers are built of the highest quality materials in order to create the ultimate commercial quality cooler / ice chests. Rugged, reliable, and a superbly sleek design are some of the many features that make the IceMate coolers a great rotomolded cooler and they certainly give other top name brands a great run for their money. 

The IceMate line is the perfect combination of quality, performance, durability, function, and price. Everything you'd expect in a quality cooler. 


IceMate Coolers/Ice Boxes

Why Choose The IceMate Coolers?

  • Keep ice up to 7+ days with IceMate coolers

  • Designed for use in the Australian Outback

  • Tough polyethelene construction for years of service

  • Superior quality insulation to keep ice colder longer

  • Removable basket 

  • The IM050-W and the IM070-W models have wheels

  • Available in 8 different sizes

  • 5 year hassle free warranty

What a true bargain for the money, IceMate coolers has been researching and developing premium coolers for years outside the States and they have extensive knowledge of how premium coolers should be manufactured and certainly put that knowledge to use when designing their products.

That's why the IceMate's are so cool and are backed with an industry leading 5 year warranty.

Tip: Ice retention ratings vary on all brands significantly depending on the size of cooler, quality, type of ice used, pre-cooling conditions, and ambient temperatures. 

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