Igloo Yukon Series Cold Locker Cooler | 7-14 Day Rating | 50qt., 70qt., 150qt.
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Yukon Series Cold Locker Coolers

Yukon Series "Cold Locker" Introduced

Katy, Texas (May 5, 2011) – Igloo Products Corp., the nation’s largest cooler manufacturer, has introduced a series of four new performance “Cold Lockers” that promise ultimate performance for the serious outdoorsman. The new roto-molded series, Yukon™, comes in 50, 70, 150 and 250 quart sizes and was designed by and for hunting and fishing enthusiasts.

Igloo Yukon Series Cold Locker Cooler | 7 to 14 Day Ice Retention

According to Igloo executive vice president of brand and product, David Thornhill, the new Yukon series Cold Lockers is designed for maximum cooling over multi-day trips for the preservation of catch or kill. “Igloo has been the category leader for many years with well-engineered, high performance coolers for virtually every outdoor activity. From feedback our customers provided, we saw a need for a better high performance cooler for the serious outdoorsman,” he said.

“Our cooler consumers run the gambit from the occasional weekend recreational users to serious, hunting in the high mountains, fishing the ocean for the big ones,” he said. “The new Yukon series is definitely for the latter. These coolers employ all the Igloo technology that we’ve developed over 65 years and are rugged, will hold temperature for seven to fourteen full days and are virtually indestructible. Working with an advisory team of sportsmen, guides and seasoned users, our engineers have designed the ultimate cold locker with greater cold retention, more features and better hardware than anything on the market today.

“It’s the cooler you can depend on when it’s just you and the elements,” he said. “In addition, Yukon cold lockers use industry standards to determine capacity specifications. Thus a 50-Quart rating means that the interior holds 50 quarts of liquid. We are true to our stated capacity.”

The Yukon cold lockers feature roto-molded construction with a minimum of three inches of foam in a gasketed lid, and two inches of foam in the cooler’s body, providing seven-fourteen day cold performance, depending on the body size. They have rugged, wide-grip, integrated handles that accommodate large or gloved hands and can act as tie-down loops. The integrated handles are more stable to carry than swinging rope handles and make the cold locker harder to steal.

Each model has an oversized tethered drain plug for easy draining and cleaning. They also have a textured, non-skid working and standing surface integrated into their lids and unique dual, reversible skid/anti-skid pads on the bottom. The lid is secured with durable, yet flexible rubber latches with finger grips. All stainless steel hinges, hardware and dual lid locks provide maximum security and deter animals. All of these features make the Yukon series the most durable cold lockers in the woods or on the water. For marine users, the new, 70-quart Yukon is designed on the Igloo 94 quart Marine footprint, so it fits readily into racks or under leaning posts on boats.

All four Yukon models are white and include a fully foamed lid with an integrated fish measurement ruler, UV inhibitors to guard against sun damage and infrared technology to reflect the sun’s rays on the body and lid. 

Founded in 1947, Texas-based Igloo Products Corporation is today an international designer, manufacturer and marketer of outdoor products that make the outdoor experience more accessible and more fun. So whether it’s on the water, near the water, on the trail, on the hunt, in the mountains or just around the house for family fun, Igloo goes where you go and makes the experience better. For more information on Igloo, visit the company's Web site at www.igloocoolers.com.

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