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KoolerCap Ice Extender (Large Size - Universal Fit Up-to 150 Qts.)

  • Keep Ice Longer With The KoolerCap - Universal Fit
  • KoolerCap Ice Extender - Regular Size Fits Up-to 150 Quart Cooler
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Product Description

Save Money With The Universal KoolerCap Ice Extender!

KoolerCap is a great cooler accessory for any cooler that's sure to save you money and enhance the enjoyment of your outdoor experience by making the ice in your cooler last longer. From the time coolers and ice chests were invented, cooler companies have attempted to address the biggest cooler problem; short ice life. 

Makes any cooler brand perform better by invreasing the lifespan of the ice and keeping the cool where it belongs.  

Every time your cooler is opened, warm outside air rushes into the cooler cavity through a process called convection. When the cooler lid is re-closed, the ice within the cavity is forced to re-cool the warm cavity air in order to maintain the desired temperature within the cooler. We all know that coolers are normally opened and closed many times during any given day. This constant cold air loss to convection results in faster melting ice and shorter trips. The KoolerCap solves this problem and extends ice life by about 30-percent, or more. During a typical weekend camping trip, that can be an entire extra day. This saves the time and expense of driving to town to purchase extra ice so that perishables don't spoil and drinks stay cold. The idea of camping and recreational activities is to enjoy those activities, not chase after ice every couple of days.

The Newest and Coolest Way To Keep Ice Colder Longer In Almost Any Cooler!

The KoolerCap works by sealing the ice and perishables from the unused cooler cavity. The KoolerCap is a specially formulated closed cell foam insulation material and is very light, weighing only a few ounces. As each cooler has its own interior dimensions, each KoolerCap is custom trimmed by the customer to their individual cooler. The KoolerCap is designed to compress along the interior walls and corners of the cooler, sealing the ice and perishables from the cooler cavity. After accessing drinks or perishables within the cooler, simply slide the KoolerCap back down to the top of the ice and perishables, resealing them.

1. The KoolerCap will save you money by reducing ice costs 
2. Your food and beverages will stay colder longer 
3. You will have time to enjoy your outdoor activities 
4. Your food will last longer without spoiling 
5. No more wasted and expensive trips to get more ice for the cooler 
6. Two temperature zones when the cooler is not full 
7. Helps the environment by saving water and less pollutants from vehicles 


KoolerCap is a unique product that is proudly made in the U.S.A. It is patent pending. While there are many cooler companies and many styles of coolers, there is only one KoolerCap and it can go with any cooler making your adventures that much cooler. Try the KoolerCap once and you'll use it for the rest of your life. We can promise you that. 

Cut and fit to size. One standard KoolerCap will fit most all coolers up-to approx. 150 quarts. 

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