KoolerCap | Ice Extender | Hold Ice Longer
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Keep the cold where it belongs and longer than ever before with the all new KoolerCap.

Imagine 100,000 KoolerCaps being used on weekend camping trips. That could be 100,000 less vehicle trips to buy additional ice, 100,000 bags of ice money saved and less water taken from our environment.

1. The KoolerCap will save you money by reducing ice costs 
2. Your food and beverages will stay colder longer 
3. You will have time to enjoy your outdoor activities 
4. Your food will last longer without spoiling 
5. No more wasted and expensive trips to get more ice for the cooler 
6. Two temperature zones when the cooler is not full 
7. Helps the environment by saving water and less pollutants from vehicles 

KoolerCap Ice Extender

Take a moment and think about how nice it would be to not worry about whether or not the ice in your cooler was going to last your camping trip, outdoor activity or travel trip. The KoolerCap will extend the life of your cooler ice by about 30%. You won't have to stop for ice as often, saving you time and money. You'll be confident that the food you brought won't spoil because your ice melted too soon. The idea of camping, traveling and being out of doors is to enjoy yourself, not thinking about having to make that trip for more ice. The KoolerCap will enhance whatever activity you enjoy. Turn your regular cooler into a super-cooler with the addition of the KoolerCap!

Designed to fit most all sized coolers up to approx. 100 quarts.


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