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KYSEK Coolers

Why KYSEK Coolers?

KYSEK coolers are the leading cooler brand to date when it comes to innovation and superb performance. With a wide array of features and wheels that make moving your cooler a breeze, rest assured that the KYSEK coolers will more than fit the bill. 


Crazy Cool KYSEK Cooler Features:

DuroCold™ - It's a KYSEK Thing!

10 Day Coolers - KYSEK Cooler Brand

Patented and Award Winning RotoMold Cooler Design:

The KYSEK Brand is Thermodynamically Designed to Hold Ice Longer
Re-Engineered & Built from Scratch to Be the Best
Keeps Ice for 10 Days on Average, Up to 22 Days!
Optimal Density Insulation Where it Matters Most

HeavyHaulers™ - Durable Wheels That Make Moving Your Cooler a Breeze!

HeavyHauler Wheeled Coolers by KYSEK

Heavy Duty Inset Wheels:

Support 1,000 Pounds of Frigid Contents
Doesn’t Take Up Extra Space, Won’t Tilt
Only Requires a Simple 8º Lift to Roll
Included on KYSEK coolers (excludes 25L KYSEK)

*No Extra Charge For Wheels - 



Premium Lock Plate & Bottle Opener:
Ensure Security with Stainless Steel Lock Plates
Bottle Openers Are Included

EasyGrip Handles


Enhanced, Heavy Duty Comfort Grips:
Nylon Reinforced Ropes for Added Durability
High Grade Aluminum, Rust-Free Pins
Carry a Big Load with More Comfort

Enhanced Drain Design


Most Versatile Draining System on Market:
¾ Drain Plug & Garden Hose Adapter *Included
2’’ XL Drain Plug for Faster Draining
Stainless Steel Tethered Chain Keeps Plug Intact



Bulked-up Rubber Latch:
Bigger, More Durable Than Anything on the Market
Fastened with a High-Grade Aluminum, Rust-Free Pin 



Redesigned, Enhanced Premium Gasket:
Stays Intact with Enhanced Bond Technology
Unbeatable Seal with KYSEK Trademark Design
Manufactured to Never Gap, Crease, or Fold

Dome Label


High Quality, Non-Sticker Branding:
Premium, 3-D Look Compared to Sticker Labels
Durable Enough to Never Peel, Fade, or Tear
*Customizable for Any Brand or Label



High-Density, Ultra-Durable Feet:
Non-Stick Feet Won’t Cling After Sitting
Non-Slip Surface Won’t Slide in Transit
Machine Screws & Nuts, Unlike Other Coolers
Standard Feature Included
*No Extra Charge

Multi-Purpose Lid


3-in-1 Lid Outworks Anything on Market:
Ultra-Stippled, Laser-Etched No-Slip Platform
High-Density Polymer Antibacterial Cutting Board
High-Definition Easy-to-Read Measuring Ruler
Never Tips or Slams Opens to Perfect Angle

See why KYSEK is a leading cooler brand in the industry...

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