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Techniice Coolers


The perfect premium cooler for a trip to the beach or whatever rugged outdoor adventure you have planned. The Signature Series Ice Boxes are built with up to 2.9 inch walls, unlike any other brand in the industry. The 110 quart and the 90 quart Techniice have wheels. The wheeled cooler models can traverse just about any terrain possible with ease. We consider the Techniice coolers to be one of our favorites and we're sure that you will agree that it is one of the coolest coolers that you'll ever own! 

 Techniice Coolers - A Premium Wheeled Cooler Brand Designed Like No Other.

Harvest and keep the coolness in just about any environment imaginable with the insanely cool Techniice premium roto-molded cooler brand. Like Yeti, but much cooler in our opinion. Most would agree. 

The 90 quart and 110 quart Techniice are wheeled coolers. They're not your average wheels either. They are extremely sturdy and are certainly built to last you a lifetime. Roll your Techniice cooler around with ease on just about any surface from concrete, sand, dirt, or even even in the mud. 

Techniice Cooler Signature Series Features:

Dual Padlock

The Techniice Signature Series Coolers are built with recessed dual padlock holes for added security.

Quick Drain - Drain Plug

The drain is a huge 50mm diameter allowing the box to be emptied quickly.

Integrated Hinges

The Techniice coolers incorporate a rugged and reliable integrated hinge system designed to last for lifetime.

Gaskets That Seal

Dual Air Lock Seal System that provides a perfect seal at virtually all ambient temperatures.

Designed To Let The Air Circulate To Keep Contents Cooler Longer

Raised feet on the Techniice premium coolers allow for 360 degree air circulation which provides a cool thermal air barrier under and around the enitre cooler so that it can be put on hot surfaces and still perform like a premium cooler should. 

Sturdy and Comfortable Handles

Heavy duty reinforced nylon handles with comfortable hand grips and recessed carry ledge handles allow for comfortable transportation.

Multiple Tie Down Points

The techniice cooler can be tied down using the rope handles or the integrated points on the base of the box.

Built-In Fish Ruler

Useful Integrated ruler on the top of the lid. 

Basket and Dividers

Techniice Signature Series coolers offer optional dividers and comes with a wire basket.  


techniice premium cooler ice chest series


Hold ice longer with the legendary Techniice roto-molded coolers. A premium cooler brand like Yeti but much better and designed for the most extreme Australian conditions. Now available here in the USA and sold exclusively through us. Rest assured that the Techniice Signature Series cooler / ice chests will more than do the job and keep your contents colder longer in any environment imaginable. 

Limited Time Offer - FREE Wire Basket Included With Purchase!

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